Join the Crowd: Give65

GIVE65LogoJoin the crowd! The Home Instead Senior Care Foundation has created the GIVE65 crowd fundraiser exclusively devoted to help non-profit organizations raise money geared towards caring for seniors. GIVE65 is the first of its kind for Home Instead Senior Care and was created to raise money online for programs and services related directly to helping seniors and creating hope for them. Home Instead is expecting it will be a catalyst for social change and we will continue to see fundraisers like this for seniors in the future.

The GIVE65 event is a 65-hour online charitable fundraising event aimed at inspiring greater giving to non-profit organizations serving seniors. It will take place from July 12-14, 2016. During this time a limited number of approved, participating organizations compete for up to $100,000 in matching grants and are also eligible for one of two $10,000 financial rewards which recognize outstanding small, medium and large-size non-profit participants. Wondering how you can join the crowd and help make a difference for seniors? Beginning July 1st, you can schedule your 100% tax deductible donation to be given to an approved non-profit of your choice during the fundraising event July 12 – 14. By scheduling it in advance, you ensure the organization of your choice will receive your donation during the event time period and it also may be eligible for matching grants and financial reward prizes.

Home Instead Senior Care Minneapolis is proud to exclusively support the Park Nicollet Foundation, who applied and was carefully selected to be a recipient of donated funds during the GIVE65 crowd fundraiser. The Park Nicollet Foundation is located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota and for over 40 years has partnered with schools, nonprofits, community organizations and the local government branches to solve complex issues in the community including health concerns of seniors. The Park Nicollet Foundation is the philanthropic branch of Park Nicollet Health Services which supports hospitals and clinics and a variety of community programs in Minnesota. By donating to Park Nicollet Foundation you are helping them continue to live by their mission of improving the health and wellbeing of their patients, families and communities, right here in Minnesota.

Park Nicollet Foundation has decided to use the donated funds to implement a Senior Safety Post-Hospital Discharge Visit Program. Understanding that the time after being discharged from the hospital can be a very challenging transition for seniors, Park Nicollet Foundation is partnering with local fire departments to provide patients with a visit that gives the extra care and support they need. Area fire departments have committed to provide a visit to patients within 12-24 hours after being discharged from a hospital stay. During this visit, local firefighters ensure the elderly patients:

  • Understand how to take their medication
  • Have a follow-up visit with a medical professional scheduled and have transportation to the appointment
  • Know who to call if they are in need and understand any symptoms to be aware of
  • Have enough food to take their medicine
  • Have hazard-free homes and will replace all non-working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

The funds donated to Park Nicollet Foundation through the GIVE65 crowd fundraiser will be used to provide specialized training to the fire departments involved, obtain the technology needed for the program to be successful and the development of infrastructure and protocol for digital information exchange. The program fundraising goal is $26,000. Home Instead Senior Care Foundation is offering a $5,000 match and the opportunity for an additional $10,000 if Park Nicollet Foundation either raises the most money or has the most donors. If you are interested in getting involved and being a GIVE65 donor or would like to learn more about Park Nicollet Foundation, you can find more details here:

The benefits of a program such as this are great for all involved. The seniors will see decreased readmission hospital rates and a better understanding of their care and transition plan. The firefighters involved have an opportunity to build relationships with their community members, improve the safety of our local aging population and reduce the costly emergency calls to their department. Park Nicollet Foundation and Home Instead Senior Care Minneapolis are proud to partner with fire departments from the St. Louis Park, Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Minnetonka, and Minneapolis communities to roll out the Senior Safety Post-Hospital Discharge Visit Program

The Minneapolis area senior population needs our help and your donation to Park Nicollet Foundation through the GIVE65 crowd fundraising program will help. Lori Hogan, Home Instead Senior Care Foundation Vice President says “The need is great. I think GIVE65 is a rallying cry for all of us – the public and private sectors – to come together and create hope for our seniors in need.” Home Instead Senior Care understands the challenges faced when raising money for social service programs that focus on seniors in need and believe they can lead the charge in charitable giving and inspire others to work together towards a common goal.

Programs like GIVE65 are important to our local communities as the senior population grows, non-profits need financial support to maintain the programs and services they provide that give hope for seniors. Every gift will make a difference – from the minimum donation of $10 to the larger donations. Those who want to help our local seniors, including businesses, corporations and other foundations, can visit to invest in the growing Minnesota senior population. And don’t forget to save the date! Beginning July 1, 2016, you can schedule your GIVE65 event donation to ensure your donation will be given to the non-profit of your choice during the fundraising time period. Together we can make a difference in the lives of the seniors in our local communities!

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