Be A Santa To A Senior

Office Ornament TreeBe A Santa To A Senior is going on RIGHT NOW! This program is nationwide.  In 2009, Home Instead Senior Care gave its one millionth gift to a senior who was identified to us as being isolated, having little or no family, or struggling financially during the holiday season.

 Around this time of year there are so many programs aimed towards children and gifts that sometimes the other end of the age spectrum is over looked.  We feel that seniors have just as much need for a gift and recognition during the season of giving. The level of participation in our Minneapolis office alone has exponentially grown these past three years.  We had 600 names last year and 300 names the year prior.  So the fact that we have 1300 names this year is phenomenal! This could partly be due to the fact that our community partnerships have increased.  In the Minneapolis metro area, we have trees up at all 14 Prairie Stone Pharmacy locations in the Lund’s and Byerly’s stores. We also have connected with Meals on Wheels and Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly.

This program reaches out to everyone in the community.  To be involved with Be A Santa To A Senior , is to make a difference in the life of a person who has the wisdom of many years and bountiful appreciation in their heart.

If you want to know other ways to participate in this program call 763-544-5988 to get more information.