Santa Comes to TOWN!

The time has finally come!  Months and months of planning, organizing, collecting, and reaching out has come together!  IT IS SANTA TIME! We have already visited 7 facilities.  Santa has greeted and wished a Merry Christmas to countless appreciative seniors.  The look on their face is as joyful as a child.  It is an amazing event to be involved in!

Some of the visits were actually holiday parties.  Our office got to see the seniors open these gifts that the community has donated!  You cannot imagine the generosity. These gifts were spectacular!  Some of the ornaments had VERY specific gift wishes.  The expression on their faces when they opened the gift and GOT THEIR WISH…..PRICELESS!  If everyday we could have such an outpouring of community giving, what a world it would be!

It has truly been our pleasure to make the holiday season a little brighter for some seniors who are isolated, financially struggling, or without family. Home Instead Senior Care of Minneapolis has had the blessing of hearing the laughter and seeing the smiles.

A BIG Thanks to all of the community outreach!

Home Instead Senior Care of Minneapolis would like to THANK the good people at all 14  Byerly’s and Lund’s –Prairie Stone Pharmacy locations.  We set the trees up the week of November 8th. The names of seniors who were  isolated, with little or no family, or struggling financially started coming into our Maple Grove office.  The ornaments had gift wishes written on them, one senior at a time. Meals on Wheels and Little Brother Friends of the Elderly also were key participants in the Be a Santa to a Senior program. 

Another exciting addition this year were the other community groups wanting to participate in the entire process.  Twin West Chamber in Plymouth had a tree at their location along with Sunrise of Minnetonka.  Sunrise was exceptionally touching because it was seniors giving to seniors.  In this senior living community, the joy of giving came full circle. I was able to speak to a resident at Sunrise and he expressed that he has always lived with “plenty” and it felt “rewarding” to give to those seniors who go without. He said next year he wanted to be a volunteer and participate in the entire process.

Meadowbrook Orthopedics chose to help  in the entire process this year.  Not only did they take several ornaments and purchase the gifts but they asked if they could be involved in the delivery process.  They wanted to see their participation in the program through to the end when the gift goes into the seniors arms.  Their smiles.  Their tears of gratitude.  It doesn’t get better than this!

The spirit of giving is upon us.  It is an amazing feeling to be able to go with Santa and deliver those gifts!  Home Instead Senior Care of Minneapolis wants to make sure that EVERYBODY that participated in any way for this cause is acknowledged. Know that you have made a difference in a life. The magic of the holiday spirit is powerful and our goals can be even larger next year! Express your interest early!

The extra work and organization of the participants is much appreciated.

Besides doing their job, they kept the process running smoothly. They would call

us when the gifts started to pile up and we frequently picked up truck loads

of gifts.  The process is complete all that’s left is spreading cheer with Santa!